Practical information

General information

Login: The event will take place in the platform We have set two scenarios that you can find below. You don’t need to create an account for this, once you get into the scenario, follow these steps. 

        1. choose your avatar

        2. choose a name (anonymous or not) 

        3. explore the space a few minutes

        4. use your program to go to the different activity 

Program: We have a specific schedule for all the activities. Remember that It is not necessary to attend the entire event. You can attend only those days that suit you best.

Slack: Join the CivicWise Slack Space through this link. Whether you need information, you want to share something or you need to contact someone, please use the channel #cw_glocalcamp

If you will participate at Hackathon “CivicWise Dirty Work” [21st – 25th June]

The aim is to advance outstanding internal tasks. It will be in hackathon format with 3 pre-established work teams that during these four and a half days will be charged with the development of 3 outstanding projects in Civicwise. 

  • CivicWise Mapping: a map of all members of CivicWise network on our website. This is something we have been dreaming about for a long time and we want it to come true in a few weeks.
  • Adjustments of design and update of a new homepage, activation of a page that brings together the civicwise members’ blogs or facilitating the log in system. These are some of the tasks we are thinking about.
  • CivicWise Handbook: another of CivicWise’s big hits is to have a welcome document that makes the entry of new people into the network not a hell of endless confusion.

Localization map:

You will find us here:

  • Rooms: spaces for the different  dirty workshops with specific groups. (please check at the program in which room you will work)
  • Lounge and halls: connect with other Wisers and chat between activities.
  • Reception: If you have any questions about the space, the dynamic or are new at the event, we can help you there. 
  • Auditorium: The place of the communal talks as plenaries or general assemblies. 

Language: Being an international event, we will communicate mainly in English. Nonetheless, we do not want language to be a limitation, so you will be able to communicate in the language you feel most comfortable with. There will certainly be someone on the team who will be able to help with translation. 🙂 

Person to contact:

  • CivicWise Mapping: Alfonso Sánchez (@skotperez in slack) 
  • CivicWise Handbook: Martina Pestarino & Stephanie García (@marti_pestarino & @Steph García in slack)
  • Adjustments Pascual Pérez (@pascualpg in slack) 

If you want to take part at Reconnection Weekend: [25th – 26th June]

Open space of (re)meeting & (re)connection, to tell each other what we have been doing since the last Glocal Camp in Modena, back in March 2019, and how we lived these two very unusual years.

Localization map:

You will find us here:

** WARNING!: For this part of the event it is important to choose an anonymous name for your avatar. 🙂

  • Play room: place to reconnect and party
  • Library: talks and workshops
  • Art studio: talks and workshops
  • Hall: reconnect and chat between activities