A little over two years have passed since we met in the last Glocal Camp edition in Modena in March 2019. 

A lot has happened to the group that has been working to organize this new edition of Glocal Camp: some of us have moved to a new city, some of us have founded a cooperative, some of us have become parents, and all of us have gone through a global pandemic.

We have a lot to tell each other!

What is “Transition Territories”?

It is an online meeting of the members of the CivicWise network. 

It is the sixth Glocal Camp, the regular meeting we use to meet and work together for a few days. This is a very special edition of the Glocal Camp after two years without meeting each other and being in this global transition situation.

Here we share with you a short application form to join the event.

It is not necessary to attend the entire event. You can attend only those days that suit you best.

If you are interested in attending the event, please suscribe. During the event week we will only contact those who had filled the form.

  • CivicWise Dirty Workshop: the aim is to advance outstanding internal tasks. It will be in hackathon format, with 3 pre-established work teams that during these 4 days will be charged with the development of 3 outstanding projects in Civicwise.
    Reconnection weekend: open space of (re)meeting, of (re)connection, to tell each other what we have been doing since the last Glocal Camp in Modena, back in March 2019, and how we lived these two very unusual years.
  • CivicWise Mapping: a map of all members of CivicWise network on our civicwise.org website. This is something we have been dreaming about for a long time and we want it to come true in a few weeks.
    Adjustments of civicwise.org: design and update of a new homepage, activation of a page that brings together the civicwise members' blogs or facilitating the log in system. These are some of the tasks we are thinking about.
    CivicWise Handbook: another of CivicWise's big hits is to have a welcome document that makes the entry of new people into the network not a hell of endless confusion.
  • For the organization of the event and also during and after we will be sharing relevant updates, such as details about the cost for food and accomodation. It's important to be in touch.

Do you want to know what we were up to last 2 years?