A little over two years had passed since we met at the previous Glocal Camp edition in Modena, in March 2019. 

A lot had happened to the group that has worked to organize this new edition of Glocal Camp: some of us had moved to a new city, some of us had founded a cooperative, some of us had become parents, and all of us had gone through a global pandemic.

We had a lot to tell each other!

What is “Transition Territories”?

It is an online meeting of the members of the CivicWise network. 

It is the sixth Glocal Camp, the regular meeting we use to meet and work together for a few days. This was a very special edition of the Glocal Camp after two years without meeting each other and being in this global transition situation.

Here we share with you all the recorded sessions from the event.

The event included project presentations, workshops and discussions about the CivicWise organization. We reflected on the transitory conditions of our territories and shared learnings on urban regeneration, evaluation of civic innovation, social entrepreneurship or digital fabrication in rural environments.

Don’t miss the recorded sessions.